A poem for her carers…

We were so pleased to receive the following poem from our client Majorie (Doreen aged 84). She wanted us to share this with everyone!

They the carers all have it, that little bit of something that makes them fit to care for me and all I need.

There’s Adele who folds the towels as agreed, Sue who oozes charm with applications of sudacrem balm.

Susan dashes in to move my chair causing no harm.

Another carer agrees with all I say, another is so slim does she live at a gym?

All in all one takes the good with the bad.

I can honestly say they are the best I have ever had.

I tell the carers what I desire so they have no excuse to misfire.

The petty thing about throwing sultanas to the birds or water for the dog.

To me is just as important as going to the bog!!






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