We are delighted to be awarded an ‘A’ on the recent QSA. Receiving an ‘A’ scoring represents ‘Excellence’

We are proud to be working with Leeds City Council (LCC) to deliver care and support services in our community. It is refreshing to work with a likeminded authority that has equally high expectations and accepts nothing less than excellence. We are delighted to be awarded an ‘A’ on the recent Quality Standard Assessment process (QSA). Receiving an ‘A’ scoring represents ‘Excellence’ and gives our dedicated team of people the recognition they deserve for their handwork and commitment. LCC have robust quality measures in place to enable providers to self-sufficiently explore their policy and procedures and ensure they are working in accordance with national standards and contractual expectations. LCC ensures its providers are always up to date with changes and activity in the care sector by holding regular providers meetings. They have a self-developing culture like ours which promotes everyone involved in social care to invest in their own development and use the great training resources LCC provides. As Managing Director of AJ Community Care, I can honestly say we feel supported by LCC and appreciate their forward thinking nature. Working with LCC has provided me with confidence that we are working alongside an authority that is committed to shaping the future of Social Care.


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