AJ supports the ban on ’15 Minute Flying Visits’ campaign

AJ Community Care are in full support of Leonard Cheshire’s recent campaign to ban what it calls the ‘Scandal of flying 15-minute visits”.

The report released by the charity revealed shocking stats that include a 15% rise in such visits in the last five years and said that in some councils more than 75% of care visits were carried out in less than 15 minutes.

AJ’s Managing Director Jo Guy says, “I am happy to see this issue has been raised and is getting people’s attention; this debate is much wider than consideration around whether 15 minutes is enough to assist someone with their medication/ personal care. This debate is around providing a service for older people that is fit for purpose and sustainable. Short visits not only compromise the delivery of dignified and appropriate services, they also compromise an ability to deliver consistent care.

As a company we have already recognized this and only offer calls that are no shorter than 60 minutes to private clients. We want the best people to provide the highest quality care, this time allows for a personalised service, time for the client and carer to build a relationship and trust. Our care workers may be the only face that a person sees in a day, we want our clients to enjoy their visit and promote their wellbeing.

As a homecare provider we see firsthand the implications that such short visits have. Even the most healthy of us can have off days, older people and people with disabilities certainly have days when they are unwell and need more time. We are working with people not robots, individuals should not feel rushed and under pressure in their own home.

We hear from other organizations and local authorities that ‘it is time for change’ in the social care industry, time to offer more choice and deliver personalised services. However, as a homecare provider it is difficult to do so when the same organisations are the ones who are responsible for commissioning 15 minute calls.

This is incredibly concerning when our aging population should have more choice when being cared for at home, but even more worrying is the current demand is out weighing the availability of staff”


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