AJ Temps Say

AJ Recruitment Temp Support Workers enjoy a flexible working pattern that suits their individual/personal working requirements.

Here is what they have to say about working for AJ….

Why do you enjoy working as an AJ Temp?

I love working for AJ because I can chose the hours, the days that I want to work. It really helps me to work around my family life, which to me is a great deal, also the team are very good they communicate with you all the time, they always want to find out how you are feeling and they always say thank you at the end, even sent me a welcome card when I join, which to me is great thing. The AJ team makes you feel like you are part of them not just a number. I also get to travel around meet different people. And l get to learn a lot of things. Am very happy working for AJ – Emelia

“The AJ group are so friendly and supportive, they ensure you are placed in services where you are a good fit for each other, and are always there if you need anything. It’s a flexible way of working and I have never been happier in my employment “- Natalie 

“A really flexible job that I am able to enjoy whilst studying my nursing degree, competitive pay and as many hours as you want. Lovely service users that are an absolute joy to support!” – Leah

“Really happy to be part of such an awesome team. Stress free working atmosphere at all users and brilliant organisation. Work as much or as little as you want. Able to say strongly i love my job” – Elize

“I find working as part of the AJ team to be a very rewarding experience. Getting to work with different service users in different settings gives great variety and has helped me grow in experience. Ben and Dan are both friendly and professional. For me it’s perfect as it gives me the flexibility of being able to say when I can and can’t work, fitting in with my demanding home life” – Alan.

What are the top 5 benefits of being a temp?

“1. Work when you choose 2. Paid weekly 3. Meet different interesting people 4. Gaining experience working with different client groups 5. Perfect for students”

“1.Work when you want 2. Choose where to work 3. Get paid sooner 4. Excellent pay rates 5. Get paid leave days!!!”

How does temping enhance your skills and experience?

“Temping enhances your skills as you are always being kept on your toes with new challenging situations, it keeps you both mentally and physically active, while not allowing you to become complacent”

“Gaining insight in different client groups, learning from different professionals, managers, senior support workers”

 “The more you meet different clients, the better you improve your communication skills, reliability, punctuality, honesty and most importantly positive attitude towards work”

How busy do AJ Recruitment keep you?

 “You are able to be as busy or quiet as you choose with your availability”

“I have been fully assigned shifts as per my availability”

“You will always have work with AJ. It appears AJ has wider client group. One important thing is to make sure you provide your availability on time and that you should always answer your phone”

Why do you like working for AJ Recruitment?

 “Weekly pay. Good and often communication with AJ. Choice of varied shifts with all sorts of unique services”

One thing I like particularly about AJ is that they tend let all their employees have a share of shifts available. I respect that!”

“I feel part of a team working for AJ. AJ keeps you informed whenever something new crops up”